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What do we do once the scrap arrives at Antillean Scrap Company?

Once the purchased material arrives at Antillean Scrap Company, it is graded by using handheld x-ray analyzers to determine exact composition. After material is sorted, it is processed through various methods including baling, cutting, shearing, and breaking. Material is packaged to meet exact specifications required by consumers. Finally, material is shipped to mills and smelters all over the world. We ship on average 1500 loads of recyclable material monthly, which equals sixty million pounds of recyclable material diverted from landfills every month. That is 720 million pounds every year. Due to the large volume we buy and sell, we work off of very small margins with customers. This ensures the best price in the region, as well as attracts customers from other areas around the country.

Our equipment

Our large fleet of trucks, equipment, and modern machinery create the finest customer service, as well as efficiently manage daily operations to ensure optimal service. We offer a diverse selection of scrap processing and material handling equipment and can custom design a scrap handling system that fits your needs. Below are some examples of the resources we offer:

Main Services

Non-ferrous Processing

Antillean Scrap Company buys, processes, and sells all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal.

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Ferrous Processing

Antillean Scrap Company buys, processes, and sells all grades of ferrous scrap metal, which creates a major benefit to our environment.

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Our fleet of trucks and operators ensure clear communication and reliable transportation nationally and internationally.

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Our most important objective is to reduce the negative impact of pollution on the environment